Cincinnati area hospitals and surgical centers utilize IT, network, and equipment solutions provided by PC Works. Not only are maintenance and security top priorities in medical facilities, advancements in technology allow for clearer imaging, providing medical staff and surgeons the best possible view for proper diagnoses.

Options are now available for doctors to have ultra-high definition screens at their homes for fast and reliable image reviews from X-Rays, CAT scans, PET scans, and MRI’s through secure system integrations.

NDS Radiance displays provide the most advanced imaging available today. Some features include:

  • Edge-to-Edge Corning Gorilla Glass Front Panel
  • Improved Visualization in High Ambient Light Environments and Enhanced Visibility of Recessed Anatomy
  • Clinician Confidence in Image Consistency from Room to Room, Year after Year
  • Quick and Effective Disinfection Enables Faster Turnaround
  • The Brightest LED Backlight in the Industry
  • Intelli-guard Stabilization & DICOM 3.14 Compliant
  • Flexible Platform, Customizable Input Configuration i

These monitors are available in a wide range of sizes from 19″ to 55″ to Radiance with Touch Screen. NDS also offers a wide range of low-cost solutions that PC Works can custom integrate at your medical facility.

Whether you need us to completely manage your IT needs or incorporate our services as an extension of your current IT department, there are several cost-effective options available. Staying cutting edge while providing safety, security, and managed solutions is one of our priorities.

Using technology to streamline internal processes from imaging, data, and security can be confusing. Our trained personnel streamlines this process and makes it simple. Stop spending dollars on high-cost services that may not be providing the results you need to grow.

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