Ever find yourself slowed down by a sluggish computer or unable to complete the task at hand because your PC is driving you mad by “acting up”? A loss or slowdown with technology can bring your business to a halt. This is a vulnerable time that makes us all feel uncomfortable. Frustrations are high, and you need a reliable, quick, and cost-effective solution to make sure things are back up and running smoothly.

Sometimes new equipment such as PC’s, laptops, and computer monitors may be the only option. However, with expertly trained IT professionals with years of experience, education, and quality certifications – including those from Microsoft – can quickly get you back up and running. Some companies don’t send out the equipment for repairs because they think it will cost too much money. We look at each case individually. We have an ethical and moral commitment to our customers. If the cost to repair is low, we’ll fix it. If the cost is too high, we’ll make recommendations to replace it with a sensible solution.

We find that with routine and preventative maintenance service, disruptions can be very minimal or avoided all together. If you hire the wrong company, warranty repairs could be performed, but the problems could keep recurring. It’s important for us to get it right the first time. As an MSP or managed service provider, many tasks can be completed virtually or over the phone – making maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs simple and cost effective. It’s important to us to correctly identify the problem, secure the parts or patches to fix it, and complete the repair.

Education and certifications are a top priority for PC Works. We have assisted customers who have worked with other companies that did not invest in the education required to perform the job properly. 

Who can live without their smartphone or tablet? Said no one ever. Has it happened to you? Broken screen? Water Damage? Let’s face it, folks, you are probably running your life from your smartphone by now. When it’s broken there is another feeling of being vulnerable. Cell phones, iPads, and tablets are very costly to replace especially if you don’t have insurance. We fix major enterprise-level networks, PC’s, and servers, but it may surprise you that we also repair mobile devices. We know how vital these communication tools are. So don’t rush back to the Apple store or cell carrier and pay full price for a replacement without talking to us first. Often we have a fast, simple solution with adequate parts on hand to keep you connected.

Equipment will fail at some point. Don’t succumb to costly replacement or repairs. Ask us for tips and advice to help prevent any possible delay in the flow of business. Our expertly trained technicians can save you money so your business stays on the right track.

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